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Protect them from the summer sun.

by on June 6, 2012

Getting set for summer.

The sun is shining and its about time to get set for summer. Here are just a few items to add to your wish list to keep the little one safe and protected in 2012.

  1. Dooky Pram Sun Shade. The Dooky sun shade can be used to create a calm atmosphere for your baby, as well as protecting from any environmental factors such as noise and wind. The Sun shade is created to use UPF50+ which can block out over 97% of damaging UVA and UVB rays. The Dooky sun shade is a great investment due to its ability to fit onto any pram/infant carrier, its small and easily portable to keep your baby safe at all times from any environmental factors.
  2. Cuddledry Poncho Towel. The Cuddledry poncho is a great way to allow your little one the chance to play and run in the sun whilst having your mind at rest that they are well protected from the sun. A first of their kind in  the UK, the Cuddledry poncho towel uses patented Rayosan technology which deflects harmful UVA and UVB rays off the towel, instead of passing through the fabric and harming your childs delicate skin.
  3. Boob Maternity Hat. Your baby’s head is one of the most precious parts of their body and what better way to protect it than with the cutest sun hat to keep them safe, The Boob maternity hat comes in a variety of colours and is reversible with a polka dot side and a plain , comes complete with chin ties for a snug fit. It sure is the cutest hat around!

Always have fun in the sun but make sure that the little one is as safe as you are and always remember the sun lotion is with you on a day out to the beach or even on a trip to the shops.

All the products you need are here to keep your baby safe and sound, while being the envy of every baby around.


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