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The Dummy Debate…

by on April 20, 2012

As new parents and parents-to-be the the dummy debate always arises amongst discussions with friends and family, they are the marmite of parenting, you either love them or hate them!  Most of my own friends have been convinced that they will never use dummies only to change their mind several days into life with a newborn or others are desperate for thier unsettled little ones to take a dummy but they won’t keep it in their mouths.

For those parents that are resolute in their opinions against the use of dummies then their babies may like to have a comfort blanket a or be partial to thumb/finger sucking – the downside of this however is that it is easier to remove a dummy than their thumbs!

As a mummy of a 5 year old, 13 month old and 6 month bump I will be bold and confess that I am an absolute lover of the things.  Sure, I have the same moments of guilt as does any parent dummy user where I’ll stick it in my baby’s mouth and think that I’m using it as a gag for a few minutes peace but hey, if it’s such a comfort for them why not?!

Babies love to suck, on most of my scans we have seen our babies sucking away either on their hands or just practicing the mouth motions to suckle.  When my first son was born he was struggling to latch on for breastfeeding and my sister-in-law recommended trying him with a dummy to strengthen his suckle, it really helped.  Weaning him off it wasn’t as bad as I thought either, he was 2 and a half and after 6 months of gradual less and less use he accepted that he was now too big for it.

At 13 months currently my second son is another lover of his dummy but I have become more conscious of limiting his use of it since his teeth have come through and also so that he is encouraged to communicate more through speach – well, babble, at the moment.  I’m expecting that weaning him off it may be more tricky especially if our next baby due in July is as much of a dummy lover and the temptation to pinch the new baby’s dummy may be too strong!

If you, like me, are pro-pacifier then the Pipila Portable Dummy Steriliser – £19.99 is the No. 1 gadget to have, a battery operated mini steriliser just for dummies that sterilises by UV – how cool!


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