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Get Britain Breastfeeding

by on April 3, 2012

As huge advocates of ‘Breast is Best’, we commend the fantastic initiative “Get Britain Breastfeeding” – a collection of adverts designed by students at Central St Martins School of Art and Design – the result of a competition run by the charity Best Beginnings, which aimed to improve the country’s dismal breastfeeding record.

Ms Baum said she set up her charity to tackle inequalities around maternal and child health, and quickly realised that improving breastfeeding rates was the way forward. “It’s the single most important thing that can make a difference,” she said.

The government and World Health Organisation recommend breastfeeding exclusively to six months, but only 35 per cent of UK babies are fully breastfed at one week, and 21 per cent at six weeks. Less than 2 per cent of babies are exclusively breastfed at six months.

Many new mums are reluctant to breastfeed as they feel embarrased and too self-concious in public despite so many fabulous products available to aid discretion and ease such as specially designed breastfeeding tops and nursing bras, aprons and scarfs and muslin cloths to cover and maintain modesty.

And here’s the winning poster, designed by Sophie Barker and Kayleigh Brooks, shows four pictures of a topless woman carrying various slogans designed to challenge anti-breastfeeding views.


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