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The Original Dooky….Keeping baby safe in the sun, they’ve got it covered

by on March 15, 2012

Spring is in the air and we’re all looking forward to feeling the warm sunshine once again.

A dilemma for parents however is how to keep their little ones shaded from the sun and also wind, noise etc. either home or abroad with a lot resorting to using a blanket, towel or coat draped over the pram or car seat.

This is a bad habit, as the baby may get overheated if the material is too thick. Towels are often blown away by wind, there is little or no ventilation etc. And last but not least, many people spend a lot of money buying a lovely pram only to then cover it with a blanket or jacket that doesn’t look great…

The answer: The Original Dooky

* Create peace and comfort for your child
* Blocks light, wind, sun, noise and other surrounding influences
* Universal – One size fits all
* Adjustable in height
* Available in different colours
* Dooky has a SPF of 40+, rated as Excellent UV Protection.
So ditch those useless parasols that need adjusting when you change direction or get caught by the wind and invest in an easy to fit and use Dooky Pram Sun Shade – £17.99

Available in Black, Blue, Pink or Cream from


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