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To Shoe Or Not To Shoe?

by on May 11, 2011

The idea of the ‘shoe-clad’ infant is a controversial issue, resulting in a diverse debate as to whether shoes are an essential must have for young children or an inconvenient hindrance of healthy growth, with many paediatricians suggesting shoes should not be worn within the first fifteen months of age.

As many of us are aware, very few children (apart from the rare super-human child) walk straight out of the womb and into their doting mothers arms, emphasising the delicacy of a child’s feet. Children are carried, pushed and cradled through the first few months of their lives, with very little attention being focused on their little ‘piggies’.

Although there is an uncontrollable maternal urge for us all to coo over baby booties, it is essential to take into account the best interest of your child and realise that infant shoes can in fact shield your child from harmful externalities. Sunburn, cold weather, scratches and unwanted dirt and germs are all factors that could affect your child and be minimised through the use of shoes.

When considering the need for baby shoes, you must take into account the environment in which your child is walking or sitting. When at home, it is preferable to allow your child to roam free and shoeless, allowing for optimum growth opportunities. However, when venturing outside with your child to battle the elements, comfortable shoes that allow flexibility and room (especially for newborns) and relieve the possibility of cramp are the best option.

The ‘Silly Souls’ Rock Star booties are stylish shoes for infants that provide ample room to allow the feet to move and continue their growth process. In eye-catching silver, with supportive and durable rubber soles to provide extra stability, these shoes are set to be an infant fashion statement, with built in comfort and ease


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