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Red Hot Trend… Yay or Nay?

by on April 7, 2011

According to a recent article in the Daily Mail, bright bold red denim jeans are a must have after celebs such as Cheryl Cole, Sarah Jessica Parker and Khloe Kardashian have all been spotted out wearing them. It’s not only bright red denim that’s currently seen all over the highstreet though, electric blue, fluorescent yellow and radiant orange jeans are prevalent for this years spring/summer styles. It’s already been all over the fashion magazines and catwalks that bold and block is a huge trend this season. Although, we are all for brightening up this seasons wardrobes as in our opinions, most often the more colour the better we can’t help but question just how flattering this brightly coloured trend is? It would take someone with a lot of style confidence and the right idea of accessorising to pull off bright bold denim as it really is such a huge statement on it’s own, it would be need very little accessorising. It is probably best teamed with more natural colours such as white and black as not to have a ‘teletubby effect’. So for those of you who like the idea of the trend but not quite confident to pull it off with denim, we have Noppies Long Maternity Red Leggings available. The cotton is abit more subtle than denim and can be teamed with longer tunics and dresses, to make a bright style statement. As we said it’s a set to be a huge trend this SS11 so if you want to add a bit of colour to your wardrobe, then our best advice is to embrace it and stand out from the crowd.

And of course, the bold colour trend and red hot trend doesn’t have to be restricted to pants. There are lots of tees, tops, tunics, dresses and cardigans on the highstreet that will also add abit of colour to your wardrobe and help you stand out from the crowd. Check out a few of our key pieces below.

From left to right: Fragile Red Bustier Dress, Fragile Fancy Red Dress, Noppies Red Leggings, Boob Nursing Carmen Blouse
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