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Week 39

by on March 10, 2011

Well I managed to work to plan and left to a very special baby shower where both baby and I were very spoilt.  My generous gifts from the Everyday Maternity team and our fabulous suppliers included:

Gorgeous nursing tops

Boob Baby blanket, romper and hat

Swaddle Blanket

Fresh Cow Baby Body Suit

Cuddledry apron towel

Bottle Feeding Set



… oh, and not forgetting, the set of ear plugs!

I have had twinges throughout the week and a few restless nights where I would have sworn labour was kick-starting, the days are still ticking by quite fast though really but every night I go to bed wondering if I’ll be woken to the pains of labour and I bet next week will pass v-e-r-y slowly post due date.  I have my sweep already booked in for 40+2 though so hopefully that’ll bring things along if I haven’t gone before then… watch this space, I am hoping next week’s blog will be baby’s birth announcement and all the associated details!

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