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Week 36

by on February 18, 2011

This week, my midwife revealed that baby has assumed a back-to-back position and although the head has dropped below my pelvic brim, it is still just about free so I am now on a mission to encourage baby to turn around for optimal labour positioning.

My hospital bags are now complete and ready for the big event so here goes my Hospital Bag Checklist:

Stuff for during Labour:

Maternity Notes – Hair Bobble – Snacks – Lip Balm – Nightie – Dressing gown – Slippers – Socks – CD’s

…And not forgetting Daddy!

Camera & spare batteries (check the SD card is in) – Drinks/Snacks – Change of clothes – Phone Charger – Money for cafe/vending machines

Ward Bag

Phone Charger – Nipple shields – Lansinoh LanolinLansinoh Disposable Breast padsDisposable knickers – Maternity Pads – Feminine wipes – Eye Mask – Pad & pen (for jotting down feeding times, early baby memories that baby brain may struggle to recall in future, gifts received) – 2 x Nursing Bras (I’ve opted for the Emma-Jane seamless nursing bra for initial feeding as comes in one size so will mould to my changing shape until feeding is established) – 2 x Nursing Pyjamas – Day lounge wear outfit – Going home outfit (Boob maternity trousers, boob nursing singlet, cardigan & shoes… just in case end up travelling to hospital in slippers) – Cordial (to jazz up the iced water jug) – Toiletries (incl. Make-up to feel slightly more ‘normal’ on the ward and sheer vanity of looking back on photos!) – Box of my fave Lindt Lindor chocolates (post-visitors, not for sharing...I will have deserved them)

Baby’s Bag

4 x Baby Gros – 4 x Vests – Nappies, wipes, nappy sacks (sacks handy for putting dirty washing in too) – Dummy – Blanket – Muslin squares – Bibs – Hat – Scratch mits

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