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Week 31

by on January 17, 2011

Another midwife appointment this week where I am measuring 30cm and baby has assumed a head down position; I was reminded though that baby still has room yet to change positions so not to get too excited!

The unisex clothes are ironed and pressed and in his/her drawers and my hospital bag checklist and packing has commenced. I’m going to be perfecting it over the next few weeks and I’ll post it up when I’m sure I have covered everything (if indeed you can?!).

I watched the new series of Channel 4’s – One born every minute – with extra interest this week, even though I’ve been through a full horrendous labour before only to end in an emergency caesarean, it’s funny how the mind lets you forget and of course I was watching it along with millions of other women thinking ‘I’ll not scream like that’… hhmm we’ll see!

Or as my husband is keen to remind me of, it wasn’t my screaming, more the deep mooing like a calving heifer that was impressive!

One Comment
  1. Haha Debs – we’ll get you some Cowshed lotions and potions as a Baby Shower Gift!

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