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Maternity Swimwear

by on January 12, 2011

Pregnant actress Jane Krakowski was recently photographed flaunting her bump in a strapless swimsuit and looking voluptuous and curvy in all of the right places on a Caribbean holiday. Ignoring the current British weather completely and fantasising about lying on the beach in a hot country instead inspired a swimsuit themed blog this week, which may also be of interest to anyone lucky enough to escape the minus temperatures that the UK’s been experiencing lately, those who attend aqua-natal classes and of course, anyone who enjoys to swim.

Even though it’s only January, it’s also a bit of a change from talking about winter coats and chunky knits and with risk of ‘wishing away the year’ brings the realisation that summer will infact be here again before we know it – abit of relief after the coldest winter on record for years.

Finding the right swimwear to fit perfectly and flatter your figure can sometimes be hard. If you have wider hips it might be best to go for a tankini top so that it draws attention to the chest area. Briefs and Boy Shorts are great for small hips to give shape. A swimsuit is a great because it covers and shapes itself according to the size of your bump and a halter neck can provide support for your bump.

Everyday Maternity has many different types of swimwear on offer, including swimsuits, tankinis and bikinis.

Some favourites from our website are:

To recreate Jane’s look with a strapless swimsuit we have a Mama Beach Maternity Bandeau Swimsuit that can be worn with or without the spaghetti straps. The Bandeau comes in a black and white stripe pattern detail, or red.







The Noppies Maternity Halter Neck Tankini that has the option of Noppies Maternity Bikinis Briefs or Noppies Maternity Boy Shorts. There are available in plain black or a black and white pattern.










The Emma Jane Maternity Swimsuit has ruched sides as well as allowing stretch which also help to flatter curves and cross over straps to avoid any slippage. It is available in two colours, black and purple.














Our Mama Beach Maternity Tie Halter Neck Swimsuit is the perfect maternity swimsuit, the halter allows support and this also has ruched detail allowing for stretch with ease as your bump grows. It’s all a colourful pattern so is bound to stand out.

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