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Week 26

by on December 10, 2010

We had Alfie’s first school nativity this week in which he made his stage debut as the lamb… a very important role obviously!  After singing along with everyone else’s songs, he was too mesmerised by the audience when he came to stand for his rendition of ‘Away in A Manger’ – good job the donkey was on form to carry on for him!

I couldn’t find my Vaseline one night this week but had a sachet of Lasinoh Lanolin tucked away in my drawer.  What a perfect remedy!  Who’d have thought that the award winning Nipple Cream would also be a dry lips saviour?  Seems quite a few people as I’ve just come across this interesting Top 10 list of uses for the stuff:

1. Be used as lip balm.

2. Treat nappy rash.

3. Help heal minor cuts, burns and skin abrasions.

4. Soothe itchy stretch marks.

5. Replenish the lanolin in wool diaper covers and wool nursing pads.

6. Heal cracked, dry winter cuticles or wind- and cold-chapped cheeks.

7. Treat eczema.

8. Prevents joggers nip!

9. Remove a too-tight ring from fingers swollen from pregnancy.

10. Moisturise dry and itchy skin on elbows, knees and heels.

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