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Little Black Dresses – Pregnancy in Style

by on December 8, 2010

We couldn’t help but notice Abbey Clancy’s gorgeous Little Black Dress whilst she was showcasing new fashion on This Morning and because of it was inspired to do a blog on the timeless ‘LBD’. We believe every female should own a LBD,  a quick and easy look to put together and pull off.

We love the LBD because it is simple, yet effective and is capable of flattering and highlighting curves in all the right areas. It really is a wardrobe essential that every woman should have.

“One is never over or underdressed with a little black dress.” Karl Lagerfield (Designer)
Versatile and slimming, a LBD really will make you feel sexy and glamorous. One of our favourite things about a little black dress is that you can accessorise and wear it with whatever you feel like as black will go with almost any colour.
Check out a few LBD’s we have in stock below.
This gorgeous Attesa Maternity Sequin Dress really will become a wardrobe essentail and the LBD you can’t live without.

This Bellybutton Maternity Joleen Dress is the perfect black dress to make you feel glamorous.

This Noppies Elegant Maternity Dress is the perfect cut for a pregnant woman and will make you feel glamorous and stylish at the same time

One Comment
  1. All of the above dresses look great and add style to maternity clothing . I think simplicity is best when considering maternity dresses : )

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