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Week 24

by on November 26, 2010

My quest to get all organised for baby before Christmas is being achieved.  We’ve now taken delivery of the swinging crib and chest of drawers to complete the nursery and I have even done a nappies, wipes and toiletries shop ready for the little one.  I collected the pram that I had for my son that has been stored at my parents house and was delighted that it has cleaned up as new.  I know that it’s early to be so ready but it’ll mean that I can relax as I get bigger and just have the nice jobs of buying the tiny clothes and washing and putting away those that I already have.

I had a little scare on Thursday when I tripped up some steps at the post office and landed with full force on my bump.  It shook me up so I called the maternity ward who told me to go in for a check.  The hospital staff were lovely and monitored baby for a little while and had a feel around before deciding that baby seemed content enough for me to go home.  It has left me feeling nervous, especially in the icy weather, so will be cautious on foot from now on!

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