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Cuddledry Products – Mad’s view

by on November 19, 2010

Here at Everyday Maternity we take real pride in what items we stock and always ensure that we love our products as much as are sure that you will.

When I joined the company earlier this year, I was rather excited to see that we stocked a range of products from Cuddledry.

I had not long purchased the Cuddlemoo Baby Bath Towel for my little boy, and was delighted with my purchase.

Ollie was suffering from eczema at the time and had patches all over his body.  It was actually during a clinic visit that I first heard about Cuddledry.  The Health Visitor was advising me on suitable bath products for a baby with eczema, when one of the other Mums waiting patiently to be seen explained that she had just been given a Cuddledry towel as her little girl also suffered with eczema and she loved the softness of the towel on her sore skin.

I have to say that it really was one of the best buys I have made.  The quality is excellent and it was by far the softest baby towel that I had seen on the market.  To add to its appeal there is nothing quite as cute as seeing your little one with the hood up and looking all snugly in ‘moo-cow’ disguise.

It has been washed and washed as it’s all I have used since, yet it still looks just like new some  10 months on.  I’ve just placed my order for the Toddler Cuddlebug in green to replace the moo, but will certainly be passing the smaller towel onto a friend as there are plenty of bath times left in it.

All cuddledry products are made from organic, unbleached cotton and natural bamboo fibre.  Features include:

  Silky soft, highly absorbent and fast drying

  Natural antibacterial properties – perfect for sensitive baby skin

  Unique double-layer system – draws water away from baby’s skin and hair

  Long and luxurious – cocoons and cuddles baby quickly dry

  Safe and secure – makes bathing a stress-free, natural, bonding time

Have a look at our wonderful range, which include toddler towels, snugly bath robes, SPF 50 towelling ponchos and of course the award winning Cuddledry organic apron towel.


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  1. Thanks for passing down the Cuddlemoo Mads, I’ve got the Cuddlebug for my son too but sorry Ollie, despite being nearly 4, he still isn’t willing to part with it!

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