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Week 21

by on November 5, 2010

The main event of this week was my Consultant appointment in which we discussed my plan for the birth.  As I had a caesarean last time I am classed as ‘high risk’, hence the appointment.  My previous caesarean was due to Alfie being in back-to-back position leading to slow progression of labour past 7cm dilation, decelerating heart rate of baby (down to 55bpm with contractions) and meconium (baby’s poo, sign of baby being in distress) in my waters.

All reasons led to the emergency section but I am adamant to try and avoid having another section.  I was surprised that I was given free choice on opting for an elective section or natural birth as there is no medical reason why this time the natural method shouldn’t be as successful for me as anyone else.  The stats are in my favour and I personally couldn’t think of anything worse than the recovery period post-caesarean with a baby and a 4 year old and would feel very saddened not to experience a natural birth.  So we’re fingers crossed that this baby will assume the normal position in time for the onset of labour and pop out no bother.

I also had my Maternity Leave consultation in work; I was reminded of all my rights and benefits and discussed my leaving/return to work dates.  In typical Deb style I am all set to work up until 2 days before my due date all being well although I will use holiday to have rest days during the last month.

Starting to feel rather organised and prepared for this baby but the reality of my overwhelming bond and love for my little bump have led my mind to wander back to the heartbreak of miscarriage.  My thoughts are with Lily Allen and Sam Cooper, such sad news.

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