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by on August 2, 2010

So I went off for my quarterly visit to the Blood Donation Centre last week.  I had a bit of a funny turn last time, so I was a little anxious.  While I was waiting I started to read The Donor – the little booklet they produce each quarter. I read a life saving story that made me think even if giving blood made me feel woosey, it is definitely worth it when you read these heart-warming stories.

One particular article was about blood stem cells, which I thought would be interesting to learn about, especially as when we are at the Baby Show, there are always stands promoting cord bank services.

Stem cells apparently hold huge potential for treating many diseases and disabilities.  Blood stem cells can be used to fight leukaemia, sickle-cell anaemia by replacing the cells that are not working correctly with donated stem cells.

We often hear of bone marrow transplants, which is a form of transplant, but stem cells can also be collected from circulating adult blood or from cord blood.  (Cord blood is found in the umbilical cord and placenta after a baby is born)

The cord blood is rich in blood-making stem cells which can help people whose bone marrow is not working properly either from disease or treatments such as chemo or radiotherapy.

By donating cord blood via the NHS Cord Blood Bank it gives poorly people better odds than ever of finding a match to help them get better.

The NHS website also has a full page describing the difference between public and private cord blood banks.  So if you are interested it is really worth taking a read.

I’m off the the hairdressers today – so I don’t think the next post will be as serious!


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