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Mamascarf: Discretion, Comfort & Style

by on July 16, 2010

We’ve recently come back from the Baby Show and whilst we were there we met Keira who thought up an idea of a breastfeeding scarf that women can use, not only to look stylish but can also use it to breastfeed in privacy.

As any new mums are aware, it is sometimes hard to discreetly feed your baby if you are out in public or have guests in your house and if women are self-conscious about breastfeeding infront of others then the Mamascarf is something that can benefit them.

I came up with the idea for a breastfeeding scarf whilst I was feeding my baby in a coffee shop. I was getting disapproving stares from the people at the neighbouring table and I felt extremely uncomfortable. I had attempted to cover up with a scarf that kept slipping off or was pulled off by my wriggling baby. In addition to this, my arm was aching as I didn’t have the support of the cushions I would have used at home.

The scarf is flexible in the way that one size fits all and is capable of fitting around both mum and baby. It is available in many different colours, so you have a choice on which colour will best suit you wardrobe collection if the scarf is something you will be wearing regularly. Alternatively, the scarf can be folded and put in a bag, ready for when it is needed to breastfeed.

We think this scarf is a great idea and it seems so do many other people. This item has had alot of media attention; it featured on This Morning and GMTV as well as having many other Television Appearances for various reasons. It has also been featured in many magazines and newspapers.


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