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We’re all going on a summer holiday

by on July 14, 2010

Well hopefully – as the school holidays approach.

Now we have a vested interest in Cuddledry, as the lovely ladies are friends of ours, but their products are amazing and are test driven by all the staff at Everyday Maternity.  Debs has a poncho for Alfie who loves to wear it after the bath. Mad has an original towel for baby Oliver, and I always give them to friends as presents.  (Friends who have babies, you understand – I’m not a nutter!)

So whether you are heading overseas or staying at home to enjoy the hose-pipe ban summer, we think the UV Poncho is a great idea.  And here is why:

A recent survey by baby towel company Cuddledry raises serious concerns about our understanding of the sun and the damage it can do to our children. The survey of over 900 people revealed that 85% of respondents believe keeping children’s skin covered up offers better protection than SPF30 sun cream.

Contrary to popular belief however, ordinary clothing offer unreliable levels of sun protection. Depending on the weave and weight of the fabric, UV rays can pass through, contributing to short and long term skin damage. Hold your child’s long sleeve t-shirt up to the light – if you can see through it, it is likely to offer the equivalent of only SPF15 protection, not enough to protect the delicate skin of young children.

Poncho TowelOrdinary cotton t-shirts and summer clothes can let as much as much as 50% of harmful rays pass through them, even more when wet. Consequently, keeping your toddler covered up with loose clothing or ordinary towels may not guarantee strong enough sun protection, a fact many parents seem worryingly unaware of. We cannot know for sure what protection our children’s clothes are offering – so why take the risk?

To play safe in the sun, a combination of SPF 30 sun cream and sun protective clothing is recommended. OR – pop on a SPF50+ Poncho Towels from Cuddledry. The poncho towels have been treated with a very high quality sun block, which is applied like a dye to the fabric and stays with it permanently regardless of washing and use. It provides a sun protection factor of 50+.

Protecting young skin though is crucial to long term health. Babies and young children have thinner, more delicate skin than adult, meaning their risk of getting sunburnt is much higher. Taking precautions from a young age is vital – studies show that sunburn during childhood can increase the risk of skin cancer later on in life. (Source: Cancer Research UK)

Parents looking to keep their children safe in the sun can check out Cuddledry’s SPF50+ poncho towels at For all over protection, sun protective clothing should always be used in conjunction with sun creams.

We will hopefully be test driving one very soon, when we all head off on our summer holidays.

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  1. Cuddledry are currently offering Everyday Maternity customers a fantastic 15% off everything in the Cuddledry range. Simply shop through the Cuddledry website and enter the promotional code BUMP15 at the checkout. Offer available until 31st July 2010.

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