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Your Pregnancy World Cup Survival Guide

by on June 15, 2010

England flags aplenty, adverts on TV, football the main topic of every man’s current conversation, Supermarket price offers on Beer, England football shirts… It’s definitely apparent World Cup fever has begun and we all have a summer of national football hype stretching ahead of us.

But if you’re not really into watching football, and you’re aware that these next few weeks will run your partner’s life.. we even know men who have made a World Cup game timetable to schedule their other activities around, then you might be dreading the impending tournament.

Treat Yourself
Every pregnant woman needs a bit pampering and relaxation, and whilst your partner is off spending hours watching the games it is the perfect time for you to spend a bit of ‘me’ time. If you’ve got money to splurge you could get out of the house and treat yourself to a pre-natal massage. But if not, we can offer our Relax and Smooth Pamper Kit, the box contains three wonderful Vital Touch products, plus an organic cotton flannel and a pregnancy massage booklet. There are also several other safe spa treatments in pregnancy, going for a spa day is a popular choice for any woman who is looking for some relaxation and luxurious and the good news is most spa’s are well equipped to suit the needs of pregnant women. Some spa treatments are not recommended for during pregnancy though, including sauna’s, steam rooms and body wraps so before you book a treatment  ensure you go to a well run spa and inform them that you’re pregnant so that they can guide you to the most appropriate treatments.

Throw a Party
Even if you’re not into watching the football, throwing a World Cup party is a great excuse for you both to meet up with friends or even just get the girls around to gossip whilst your partners watch the game. Alternate match days with friends, it will keep costs down.

Prepare for your baby
If your baby’s arrival is soon, take some time out to make sure you have fully prepared for the birth, we know with all the excitement and anxiety of the arrival of your baby, it is easy to forget something for the hospital so taking time to make a list can come in handy.  First time mums find the process of preparing their bag an exciting part of getting ready for the arrival of your new baby. For example, in your labour bag you might want to take your birth plan and maternity notes, a maternity night-dress, socks and slippers and a dressing gown… Try not to take too much as you often only get a small cabinet by your bed.  Hopefully your stay will be brief and friends or family can bring extra things for you. For our full list of idea’s to take, read our ‘Your Maternity Hospital Bag’ article on our website.


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