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Be Fashion Conscious & Eco-Conscious

by on June 2, 2010

When you’re clothes shopping being eco-conscious can sometimes mean sacrificing style but we believe that with new summer collections it doesn’t have to. An increasing variety in Organic Clothing means no longer having to forfeit looking stylish to play your part in helping the planet.

The maternity fashion world is forever expanding and growing and one thing we have noticed is the increase in organic clothing that alot of our brand’s have to offer. It is easier now than ever to find eco-friendly and organic fashionable clothes whether on the highstreet or online stores. Some argue that there is not enough variety and range when it comes to organic clothing though, perhaps suggesting to buy only organic clothing would be a bit monotomous. However, we have to disagree.

Maternity wear brand Boob have a fantastic spring and summer collection on offer and there are organic items in there that would add colour to any wardrobe. The gorgeous floral Maternity Tie-band Dress to the right is just one of many examples we could give to prove that organic clothing really can be stylish. Providing Maternity and Nursing wear, Boob have a range of organic products that can keep the most stylish woman looking great throughout pregnancy. Designing cute patterns on organic fabrics makes for a wider range of organic clothing to choose from.

Not only do we love the current organic products on offer but we also love the idea of not only feeling fantastic but also knowing the outfit you are wearing is environment friendly and you are helping Mother Earth at the same time. So what exactly are the benefits of using Organic fabrics? Organic fabrics are grown in an eco-friendly way, without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. Which makes this way of manufacturing clothes better for the earth and better for you.

Highstreet stores such as H&M, New Look and Topshop are stocking more and more organic products and we are also being sent more and more organic products.

What are you views? Have you been converted to purchasing eco-friendly, organic designs? We’d love to hear them.


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