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Caring for your baby’s skin in the sun

by on May 26, 2010

We’ve been loving the hot weather recently and have enjoyed making the most of the sunshine, but it is important to ensure optimum care for your baby when the sun is shining. Babies and young children have skin that is much more sensitive than adults so it is important to be even more cautious about exposing them to sunlight. Baby epidermis, which is the top layer of the skin, is around 20% to 30% thinner than adult skin and has not yet fully built the protective layer of Melanin, which makes sun exposure more harmful and everyday sun protection very important. Because your baby needs time to build up her natural defence systems which includes Melanin production, special sun protection products are essential.

The majority of authorities agree that new-born babies under six months of age should not be exposed to direct sunlight at all. Because your baby’s own photo-protection is still underdeveloped and more prone to irritation, sunburn can occur despite your greatest efforts to keep them protected – and it may take only a mere 10 to 15 minutes in direct sunlight for a babies skin to burn!

Whether you’re on the beach, at the park or just going for a stroll with your baby sunscreen for you baby is vital. Everyday Maternity recommend finding a good sunscreen for your baby. Be sure to choose photostable sun protection products, which are specially developed for your baby’s delicate skin and have a sun protection factor (SPF) higher than 25 (high protection).

If your baby is under the age of six months use sun protection sparingly, on parts of the body that are more likely to get burnt e.g. face. However, if your baby is older cover them in sun screen from head to toe to ensure optimum protection.

It is also important to choose a product that has a good moisturising formula for your baby’s skin because a baby’s skin absorbs and loses water much faster than an adult’s skin does.

It is important to always provide some form of protection from the sun for your baby so, if your baby is exposed to sunlight, as-well as UV protection, a wide-brimmed, secure hat is essential. Loose clothing that covers them up can also help to protect the rest of your baby’s skin. Alternatively, sit under shade, or create your own, with an umbrella, canopy or a light blanket to ensure your baby‘s delicate skin is fully protected.

Obviously it is impossible to keep your baby out of the sun completely but one of the best tips to ensure ultimate caution and protection for your baby’s skin is to try and keep out of direct sunlight as much as possible, especially between 11am and 3pm, when the sun’s rays are strongest and at the most harmful.

If careful steps are taken now to protect your baby’s delicate skin, he or she can enjoy a lifetime of healthy skin.

We can recommend Cuddledry’s Poncho Towel as a cover up, amazing patented technology means these towels offer UV protection at Sun Protection Factor 50+

The first of their kind in the UK, their poncho towels use patented Rayosan™ technology which deflects harmful UVA and UVB rays off the towel, instead of passing through the fabric and harming your little one’s delicate skin.  They have poppers under the arms which can be done up to create a loose ‘sleeve’ when worn, to help keep the towel in place and make it comfortable for its little wearer.  They are really easy to put on and take off, it is a perfect ‘throw on’ towel or cover up for swimming, beach, playtime or bathtime. The towel is available in both lilac and turquoise.

Visit the baby collection on our website to get yours now.

Happy Holidays!


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