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Choosing Post-Natal Shape Wear

by on May 20, 2010

New mums have enough to contend with without feeling uncomfortable and frumpy. It can be very depressing to feel that nothing fits comfortably or lies as nicely as it used to.

We all know the recipe to losing and toning the post-pregnancy lumps and bumps; eat less and exercise more; however we recognise that it’s not the easiest or quickest of processs and with help of post-natal shape wear it is possible to feel comfortable and slimmer in an instant.

Post-natal tummies are never as they were pre-pregnancy; all that stretch and weight gain can leave a fuller and sagging belly for some time. Wearing a waist shaper can, however, both help regain shape shortly after birth and pull in/smooth over lumps and bumps for everyday wear.

Here are our favourite miracle workers:

Anita Post Natal Panty Girdle – £40.99

  • Helps restore abdominal firmness and provides overall shaping of tummy, hip and bottom areas.
  • Ideal for use after a C-section as it helps slight abdominal wall weakness.
  • Supports the spine and improves posture.
  • Can be used straight after birth or three to five days later if you had a caesarean birth.
  • Many women continue to wear the post natal girdle after the inital weight loss period.

Anita Waist Shaper – £24.99

  • For  everyday wear, high cut waistband for a shaped waistline.

  • High ‘powercontrol’ panels gently but effectively shape tummy and bottom.

  • Full seamless creating smooth lines under clothes.

Long Leg Panty Girdle – £28.99 (Gok’s favourite style starting block!)

  • Designed to pull in tummy, thighs and bum.

  • Creates slimmer, seamless line underneath your clothes.

  • High ‘powercontrol’ panels comfortably work wonders.

Yummy Mummy’s Nursing Vest

  • For seamless shaping in breastfeeding days.

  • Fantastic tummy cover to slim and smooth your post-baby silhouette.

  • Adjustable strap and one handed drop cup allow discreet, comfortable feeding.

If shape wear is not for you then post-pregnancy is a great time to experiment with new styles to flatter your fuller shape. Try different necklines to feel comfortable during the day and accentuate your fuller bust for a night out. Dark coloured support tights or tight fitted leggings are a great slimmer too and can be worn under short dresses until you’re ready to wear them alone again.


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  1. Ann permalink

    Hi Amanda. Long time no see. In your last blog I think you meant tights should be worn under, not over, dresses.

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