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Find the perfect Maternity Leggings

Leggings are a wardrobe staple, forming the starting block for many an outfit and provide comfort and flattery.  This should not change once pregnant, but searching for the perfect pair of maternity leggings can be a challenge.

Everyday Maternity have a huge selection of maternity leggings, jeggings and treggings in different styles, lengths, colours to suit all tastes and sizes.

Many women who have never found leggings flattering pre-pregnancy find that their curvy pregnancy shape alters this and offers the best comfort for daily maternity wear that can be dressed up or down whatever the occasion.

Here are our favourites:


Boob Cotton Over Bump Leggings – £26.99



Noppies Under Bump Leggings – £18.99



Bellybutton Spandex Slimming Maternity Leggings – £22.99



Boob Maternity Capri Treggings – £51.99




National Breastfeeding Week 24th-30th June

Celebrate National Breastfeeding Week and find out what’s going on in your area.

We are delighted to be supporting our local NCT’s Breastfeeding Friendly scheme in Chester with goody bags for their family funday this Sunday.

As Breastfeeding Awareness week has recently lost its government funding, we feel this is a great way to promote the importance of breastfeeding, and provide mothers a little help of our own!

The following websites have a list of localised events:

If you are a member of a breastfeeding support group, send us your details and we will give you a mention on our Facebook, Twitter and Blog.

As part of the weeks awareness campaign, we will be slipping Goody Bags of Disposable Nursing Pads and information leaflets (as stocks allow) from the fabulous Lansinoh range into each parcel dispatched this week.

I’m sure that you will agree with us that Lansinoh are the best out there for breastfeeding aids.  To stock up on your breastfeeding essentials, visit Everyday Maternity and enter code LANPP at the checkout for free UK delivery on Lansinoh products until 31st July 2012.

Boob Nursing’s new summer collection.

Boob Nursing’s all new summer collection, grab it before its gone.

With a selection of 5 new items to choose from, summer 2012 is looking bright.

Boob waterfall camisole. Breast feed with ease, like with all Boob Nursing products there is a double layer fabric over the bust to allow for discreet and comfortable nursing. Great for summer with light weight fabric and bright summer colours to choose from.

Boob maxi dress nina. With this great maxi dress look casual and stylish at all times, with easily adjustable straps and draw string nursing overlap make it a perfect fit for you this summer.

Boob dress naima. Look bright and breezy in this gorgeous dress from Boob nursing wear. This dress has a flattering square neck and tie straps. With the slightly flared skirt its great for all stages of pregnancy and nursing. Giving a perfect fit around the bust area, to make nursing that much easier. With a great selection of colours and prints you can feel unique this summer.

Boob nursing stripe tunic dress. A 3-coloured stripe nursing dress with rounded neck and cap sleeves will make for a perfect fit this summer.

As with all Boob Nursing products all items come with the clever fabric overlap to make nursing as easy as possible on you and your baby. All 5 items are great for the different stages of pregnancy and allow for body and shape change with the many different adjustable features.

The all new Summer collection from gives a great choice of nursing dresses and tops to make this summer a fashion sensation.

Finding the perfect dress for a special occasion.

The perfect dress

When pregnant it takes most of your effort not to feel frumpy or uncomfortable.

One question many expectant mothers ask is ‘where to find the perfect dress?’ May it be for a special occasion, a nice meal or even a friend’s wedding. The whole decision can be long and tiring, but there is a dress out there for every expectant mother not matter what shape and size, there is a perfect dress for all of you. Here are just a few pointers to send you in the right direction to find the perfect dress for your special occasion.

  • The one dress that can’t go wrong is ‘The little black dress’ no matter if your pregnant or not every women needs one, its can be fitted into any wardrobe and will always look great. I would advice this dress as a fall back if your feeling particularly uncomfortable and just want to slip into something simple. It will always look great and will always be a great quick fix.

The ‘Little black dress’ from Everyday Matenity by 9fashion maternity gives you a perfect dress for a simple yet elegant look, with breathable fabric and the ability to keep everything in the right place (always a plus) it doesn’t go wrong.

  • A great piece of advice is ‘Stick to what you know’. If you want to look great in a maternity dress follow the styles you would pre pregnancy. Colours that suited you before will look just as great now, if you don’t want to wear the same colours or just want a change try following seasonal style. If you’re looking for a summer frock try some bright colours or an elegant floral pattern. However when it comes to patterns always make sure they draw attention to the right places, for example women with large hips should try a larger pattern to try to draw attention to the pattern rather than the hips a halter neck will also help as it will draw more attention to the shoulders.

The patterned dress from Everyday Maternity by Noppies maternity fashion, is great way to add colour to an outfit. A great choice with us heading into summer.

The best thing to look for in any maternity outfit is comfort, this is advised by everyone mothers who have gone through pregnancy, doctors and many more. If you are uncomfortable your baby probably is too, so try to relieve as much strain as possible a maternity support belts helps a lot and fit perfectly under clothes. Looking for a dress that gives comfort and fit doesn’t mean you can’t look great, many maternity dresses have special support in the dress and if you can find a dress that suits your figure perfectly will give you a lot of mental support anyway, if not a great maternity underwear set can be the making of an outfit (the same with any outfit, pregnant or not).

The trick to a perfect dress for a special occasion is feeling good in what you are wearing and having confidence in it. Many women try to stay clear of special occasion dresses because they worry they wont find the right one and will feel frumpy, but follow the tips here and you will find the perfect dress for you.

The perfect swimsuit for you and your bump.

Maternity swim wear, what suits you best.

With the summer sun on its way and summer holidays booked, dont fear the beach or swimming pool. Show off your bump in the best fitting swim suite for your new figure, here is Everyday Maternity’s guide to the best fitting maternity swim suits for you and your bump.

Large on Top.

If pregnancy has increased your bust size, you are best looking for a Swimsuit that will support and flatter your bust line. you are best looking for a  wider strapped suit in a darker colour, this will provide structure whilst also looking great and fashionable.

Small on top.

If it feels like your all bump, you have a great advantage when it comes to different styles and patterns. Halter neck suites are best fitted for your figure as it will accentuate your bust or you could go for different textures, ruffles or large prints across the bust line. This will add decorative detail and break up the area that focuses on the cleavage.

Large Hips.

If you feel like all attention is on your bottom half, try a Halter neck top with large prints and a more subdued bottoms. The halter neck style will widen your shoulders and take attention away from the hips. Also by dressing your bottom half in a darker colour this will slim the hips and thighs.

Boyish figure.

With your long legs,slim hips and lack of waist, opt for a low-leg swimsuit to make your body seem longer. You can get away with shorts or low-cut bottoms as you don’t need to extend your long legs.

Work to your advantage; with so much choice in the maternity swimsuits you can enhance your best bits- dare to bare and be proud of that bump!

Remember take pride in your shape be bold, celebrate and look great!

Protect them from the summer sun.

Getting set for summer.

The sun is shining and its about time to get set for summer. Here are just a few items to add to your wish list to keep the little one safe and protected in 2012.

  1. Dooky Pram Sun Shade. The Dooky sun shade can be used to create a calm atmosphere for your baby, as well as protecting from any environmental factors such as noise and wind. The Sun shade is created to use UPF50+ which can block out over 97% of damaging UVA and UVB rays. The Dooky sun shade is a great investment due to its ability to fit onto any pram/infant carrier, its small and easily portable to keep your baby safe at all times from any environmental factors.
  2. Cuddledry Poncho Towel. The Cuddledry poncho is a great way to allow your little one the chance to play and run in the sun whilst having your mind at rest that they are well protected from the sun. A first of their kind in  the UK, the Cuddledry poncho towel uses patented Rayosan technology which deflects harmful UVA and UVB rays off the towel, instead of passing through the fabric and harming your childs delicate skin.
  3. Boob Maternity Hat. Your baby’s head is one of the most precious parts of their body and what better way to protect it than with the cutest sun hat to keep them safe, The Boob maternity hat comes in a variety of colours and is reversible with a polka dot side and a plain , comes complete with chin ties for a snug fit. It sure is the cutest hat around!

Always have fun in the sun but make sure that the little one is as safe as you are and always remember the sun lotion is with you on a day out to the beach or even on a trip to the shops.

All the products you need are here to keep your baby safe and sound, while being the envy of every baby around.